Saturday, April 29, 2006

Table construction.

Lofting table. No big mystery to lofting. It's where you take the dimensions off the plans and tranfer them to the wood. Full scale of course! I have seen people loft on the floor which is okay I suppose but i thought it would be good to have a table, high up enough to work comfortably at and also to do a couple of the other steps in the "plans-built" process. Firstly, I have to scarf (join) the three pieces necessary to bring the craft up to seventeen feet. Next, the lofting phase, laying out the scarfed pieces and marking the "chine", "sheer" and "station" points. Then the final phase of lofting. Having laid out the points, you need to "join the dots" this is achieved with a "batten" a long flexible piece of material that will hold a fair curve. Finally, the cutting phase. Once again, height and clamps. So there you have it, enough work for me to invent the Scarfing/Lofting/Cutting table.


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