Saturday, April 29, 2006

Finished table

Here's the table done. The idea is that I have sections to rest the parts on and gaps to add clamps. I'll probably do the sheer clamps on this table too. Here's the rough construction details. One sheet of 17mm construction ply 2400mm x 1200mm ripped lengthwise. Two beams of construction grade pine 35 x 70 x 6000 mm. I cut the beams down to 18 feet and cut the two pieces of 17mm ply in half across. I used the offcut from the pine beams to make the crosspieces and they came in at around 560mm. As you see, its on top of a couple of steel framed benches that I got from the local hardware megastore (Bunnings for the Aussies). You can make these up into either a shelving unit or two benches. I will rest the table on the benches while it is in use. I may have to screw a set of blocks onto the tops of the benches to stop the table from slipping off.


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