Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Rethink on the tape issue

For the next job I used packing tape which I think is basically Mylar as a release agent. Each of the joints had a piece of scrap over it to even out the pressure. I put packing tape on that, intead of making tape. I also put a layer of packing tape down on the table to prevent unwanted adhesion. It's worth noting here that I have once again diverted from the makers instructions. Not only have I used a lap scarf instead of a bevelled scarf, I have not used epoxy-filler mix for my adhesive. I used straight epoxy on the joints as suggested to me by another builder on the Chesapeake Light Craft Builders Forum. I would highly recommend this forum to anyone who is building a stitch and glue boat. Anyway, the mylar tape released from the cured epoxy just fine. The squeeze-out was a little thicker and took a little more cleaning up but I wasnt trying to extract layers of tape from the whole thing which was the main benefit.


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