Monday, June 12, 2006

A jig or a sea shanty?

The frame sits on the end of the bench. I needed it to overhang enough so that the tool wouldn't be over half way into the ply on the first pass. I could only achieve this with the frame ovehanging about 12mm. The first pass would be done with the fence up against the top cross member of the frame. The tool had to just touch the edge of the bench to achieve the fine edge needed for a good bevel. I put two screws through the short sections, close to the edge. Then, after backing them out a few turns, I got a couple of chamfered blocks to tilt the router table. I tool an 11" palnk and marked the 1 and 1/4" line where the bevel should span. I pushed the plank up to the edge and then tilted the table so that the top of the wedge shaped gap that opened up, lined up with the mark on the plank. This is how I knew that I would be able to make a correctly dimensioned bevel.
To finish, I tightened up the two screws and drove two long screws through the joint at the back edge to clamp the router table down to the tilting blocks.
The tilting blocks doubled up as guides for the 11" planks. I decided that I'd put in two additional guides further down the bench and then move one of those when I was dealing with the 10" planks.


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