Monday, June 12, 2006

The new deal

After accepting that I had made a howling error on the lap scarfs (it took a day to let it sink in) I returned to the builders manual to learn about bevel scarfing. I tried a couple with my block plane and got reasonable results but I thought I could speed up the process by returning to the trusty router. To this end I devised a new jig to cut bevels. I wanted to build some thing I could leave set up, just in case I forgot a couple (like I did on the previous attempt). Here, I am starting out with some 12mm ply that I salvaged from my old kitchen. It's all made from this ply, ripped to 60mm the long sides will acommodate the 11" planks between the two shorter pieces. It's important to keep the whole jig as square as possible during construction. This will simplify the setup and tuning later on.


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